About Our Company

GSM International was founded in 1993 as a support company for U.S. Customs brokers in the Los Angeles, California area. At that time most were using Unix with dumb terminals and many wanted to move to the newer Microsoft® Windows 3.1 Personal Computers that had been released the year before. Most felt that the benefit of having a PC offered a great deal more flexibility over the existing dumb terminal systems. At that time the Windows 3.1 Operating System required quite a bit of maintenance and the smaller companies could not afford full time staff to support them and that is how GSM International was born.

As time moved on GSM International moved forward to support the newer Operating Systems including both Microsoft® Windows and Ubuntu® Linux, as well as expanding in to network cabling to support its Customs Broker clients as well as the needs of many other businesses. We now have clients ranging from one man home sales businesses to malls that furnish all the businesses within Internet service as well as free wireless Internet for all the mall customers.

GSM International now has many business partners that provide everything from custom programming services to Certified Union Electricians through the I.B.E.W. for the relocation of power to supply network racks, workstation computers, and servers. If it involves networking we either do it or can arrange for it to be done at a reasonable price. GSM International does all work to local code requirements to protect your and your employees safety.

Be assured that GSM International will continue to service the small and medium business market with the kind of computer support it needs.

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