Computer and Security Hardware

GSM International can supply you with all your hardware needs. We keep many common parts in stock and can obtain most others quickly. Whether you need computers, printers, network switches, racks, security hardware, or other items we can fill your needs.

GSM International has been building custom desktop computers and servers for its customers for more than 15 years now so we know what is required to put together a rock solid system that will fill any need from a low cost workstation to a group of multi-processor cluster servers. We have also been doing computer cabling for over 10 years and have the engineering background to compute your network needs and design a system that will be able to work for your company even as you grow. We offer CAT-5e and CAT-6 systems as well as fiber, security, and telephone cabling so no mater what your needs are GSM International has you covered.

For many of our customers security and theft prevention has become a major concern and GSM International has you covered when it comes to your security needs. GSM International can provide CCTV/CATV systems that meet U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection requirements for Bonded Warehouses as well as Card Entry and proximity readers to keep your warehouse or business secure. GSM International uses quality parts and installs them properly. Whether you just want to to view things in real time, record them on digital video recorders, or have them monitored off site we can make it happen. We even have business partners that can supply radio communications equipment for security personnel. At GSM International we not only want to help your business make more money through more efficient computer systems, we want to help you keep it through better loss prevention.

Be assured that GSM International will continue to service the small and medium business market with the kind of computer and security equipment it needs.

Contact a GSM International representative to discuss your needs.